RPi 2: Six Things You Can (And Can't) Do

Co mohu a co ne s RPi
Článek Curilse z 11.2.2015 najdete ZDE-HERE.( full text - celý článek )
Cituji z článku:
"The new speed and power have changed what is possible with the Raspberry Pi, but there are still some limitations that must be kept in mind."
"There's no question that individuals and organizations are doing amazing things with these little systems, but now seems a good time to look at what you can -- and can't -- do with a Raspberry Pi 2."
- You Can Run Windows 10 Embedded 
- You Can't Run Microsoft Office
- You Can Build a Better Supercomputer 
- You Can Teach People to Code
- You Can't Take Its Photograph 
- You Can Build a Cloud
"The Raspberry Pi 2 is brand new. At this point ( 11.2.2015), no one knows precisely what businesses and individuals will do with the new power and capabilities."