MagPi for Education

Časopis MagPi věnuje velkou pozornost vzdělávání, výuce. Na portálu MagPi najdte odkaz na sekci Education ZDE:

Jak vydavatelé prezentují svoji roli v oblasti výuky se dozvíte na portálu MagPi. Zde je přehled oblastí a cílů.
Forward thinking schools are beginning to realise the huge potential of the Raspberry Pi ComputerThis is an area that you may be seeking to develop. Many schools have purchased Raspberry Pi computers, but have not yet unlocked the full potential of the Raspberry Pi.
The MagPi includes:
I. Hardware projects from basic LED and switch circuits, to more complicated projects such as Quadcopters, Robots, game machines and industrial applications.
II. Software tutorials covering C, C++, Java, Python, Scratch, SQL and more
III. Interviews with makers, creators, entrepreneurs and role models, such as Limor Fried (founder of AdaFruit Industries) and Amy Mather (14 year old public speaker on technology and education)
IV. Reviews on the latest and greatest extension boards and accessories for the Raspberry Pi, with examples of how to use them